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Kili Coffee has been dedicated in our commitment to bringing our customers the greatest quality beans at affordable prices for over 7 years. In order to further that commitment, we have embarked on purchasing our beans directly from the Kenyan farmers in our new wholesale green bean selection. Native to Kenya, we maintain a close relationship with friends and family members who have worked on coffee farms their whole lives, we believe we have access to the best coffee in Kenya. 

In order to constantly strive for the best Kenyan beans we closely monitor the cupping scores and quality of beans in Kenya from various regions. Hence, ensuring to bring you the best quality coffee beans. Our green coffee bean shipment has arrived and we have chosen beans from the Western slopes of Mount Kenya because of their extremely high quality cupping scores, nitisol rich volcanic soils, the wet mills fresh natural river sources, and the benefits to the farmers directly. These highly elevated beans are grown above 5200 feet (1650 meters), receive over 63 inches of much needed rainfall per year, and boast the perfect temperatures between 64 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The Coffee production goes through a systematic protocol from nursery, farming, pulping, milling, and grading. This coffee is carefully handpicked by the farmers who select only the red ripe cherries. These cherries are then sorted even further to ensure high quality. The cherries go through a de-pulping process and afterwards the beans are fermented and washed. The coffee is then screen dried under the African sun to retain its natural taste, aroma, and unique flavor. Pictured to the right is Rose Waruinge (Co-Founder) {Pictured Left} and Roses’s Dad {Pictured Right}. 

Purchasing directly from the farmers in Kenya allows us to further our mission to continue to help the hardworking industrious farmers of the coffee regions in Kenya. Fairtrade and UTZ certification in Kenya has helped provide a better standard of living for the farmers, and increased price stabilization which allows the farmers to hire more during busier seasons. In some of the communities it has even helped provide funding for purchasing school books, building homes, pay for school fees for orphans and renovate schools.

Order your wholesale Kenya AA coffee today, fresh from Kenyan farmers to you. To make a wholesale purchase please call 813-731-0700 or 813-789-8692.

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