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Kili Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated coffee company located in Tampa, FL. We offer freshly roasted African and Indonesian coffee beans for sale in bulk to stores and individuals who enjoy unique and delicious coffee.

Kili Coffee Roasters is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream of a native Kenyan, Rose Waruinge. Rose, her husband Patrick, and their two sons opened Café Kili, a beloved coffee shop to many, in 2007. Café Kili has now evolved to fulfill the true passion of Rose and Patrick, transitioning into Kili Coffee Roasters.

Growing up as the daughter of a coffee farmer in the Central Province of Kenya  provided a sufficiently prosperous life for Rose and her siblings.  Rose was able to attend school and pursue professional career. Contributing to her family's business left Rose with entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take risks. After seven years impacting lives at Cafe Kili, Rose and Patrick's passion for African coffee has lead them to open Kili Coffee Roasters, a dream come true for the family owned and operated business. 

Our Coffee

Drinking coffee is an act to be enjoyed alone or with friends. A good cup of coffee is smooth, rich and flavorful, not bitter or burnt tasting. Our family's love of good coffee coupled with expert knowledge of roasting led to our decision to introduce Tampa to the wonders of small batch coffee roasting.

Roasting coffee in small batches has many benefits for the coffee lover:
  • Roasting in small batches allows Kili Coffee Roasters to pay close attention to how the beans are treated before, during, and after roasting.

  • Kili Coffee Roasters is able to personally select coffee sources and view the beans themselves before roasting, ensuring that the green coffee beans are of superior quality.

  • Small batch roasting enables Kili Coffee Roasters to select the roast that best draws out the flavor of the green beans.

  • Roasting only a few pounds of beans at the same time ensures that the coffee is roasted evenly to desired specifications.

  • As Kili Coffee Roasters roasts coffee on an as needed basis, there is no stockpiling of roasted coffee, ensuring that the beans used and sold are the freshest.

  • Best of all, Kili Coffee Roasters' small batch coffee roasting results in a delicious cup of coffee.

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